Live... Like Nature Intended

In times of yore, nature was rightly regarded as something to be revered. While nature was certainly used as raw material, it was always done so while being mindful of how irreplaceable it is. Nature and its glories were held in awe and this attitude ensured that man lived in harmony with nature.

At Griha, we conceive and construct living spaces that reaffirm the time honoured tradition of reverence for nature and re-establish harmony. It is this striving that stands enshrined in our creations. Udyaan, the latest from our stable exemplifies the notion that nature indeed brings joy to our lives.

Griha Unnathi

GRIHA UNNATHI apartments have been designed on a one acre virgin piece of land, has been conceptualized and conceived around a central lush landscape courtyard, which provides ample of fresh air circulation along with natural lighting into all apartments and meets the basics of Vaastu layouts.

GRIHA UNNATHI apartment Complex nesteled away off the hustle and bustle of Hennur Main Road Biozeen Junction, houses 54 apartments in 4 formats of residency:
2 BHK compact
2 BHK large
3 BHK large
3.5 BHK

Project Financed by South Indian Bank & Approved by Major Financial Institutions like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Indian Bank & SBI.


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